The Technical Knowledge Contest
organised by “Nauka i Rozwój” association and the Technical School in Jarosław


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The aim of the Technical Knowledge Contest is arousing and expanding students interest in technology which is of great importance for the present society development.
The subject matter of the Technical Knowledge Contest has been established on the basis of the extended teaching programmes of maths, physics, chemistry, computer science and technology curricula. It consists of two categories: the first for the gimnasiums and the second for the secondary schools
The contest constantly gains popularity among students. About 2000 students of gymnasiums and of secondary schools participated in the first stage last year
The detailed information about the contest is to be found in the statute and in the schedule, and the application form is to be found in the bookmark „APPLICATION
The winners of the I and II contest will receive valuable prizes, sponsored by the sponsors of the contest.
  • the winners of the first three places in the second cathegory for the high schools will receive a student’s register of the  universities which patronize the contest.
  • the partakers of the final of the first cathegory for the gimnasium level will receive additional 8 points during the recruitment process to secondary schools.


This years edition of the Technical Knowledge Contest is organized under the banner ”sapere aude” - dare to be wise the patronage of the contest is held by The School Superintendent Of Podkarpackie Voivodship and The Staroste of the Jarosław District.
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